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Trae Tha Truth – Let Me Live (ft. B.o.B, T.I. & Ink)

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt. 2

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt. 2

Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth’s ‘Let Me Live’, the collaboration with B.o.B & T.I., surfaces on the web a few days before the release of his sequel LP ‘Tha Truth, Pt. 2’.

Trae tha Truth again delivers his staple brand of southern hip-hop on ‘Let Me Live’ with his raspy vocal delivery accentuated by some country-tinged guitar twangs as he raps about his journey from rags to riches. The hard-hitting drums kick in as fellow Southerners B.o.B and T.I. launch into their respective parts laughing off the non-believers from their rise to fame.

The Texan veteran previously reflected on his own career in an interview with HipHopDX and the creative process behind the 2-part album ‘Tha Truth’: “When you’re really passionate the way we are about music we need to do it for us and the ones that really matter man; not think about record sales, not think about what’s going to be a single, not think about if I don’t have that big record or radio hit. Just go in there and do you,” he explained. “This album is going to be a perfect representation of me and where I am as far as the last five or six years go for those who really been wondering.”

Trae Tha Truth’s ‘Tha Truth, Pt. 2’ is the second part of a two album series, following 2015’s Tha Truth with additional features from Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign and others and is due for release February 5, 2016. Listen to ‘Let Me Live’ below:

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt. 2

‘Tha Truth, Pt. 2’ Tracklist

1. Intro ft. Lil’ Duval
2. Crazy
3. Takers ft. Quentin Miller
4. Spray ft. Jay’ton
5. Slugs ft. Young Thug
6. Who Dey Rockin Wit ft. Yo Gotti
7. My Niggaz ft. Ty Dolla $ign
8. All Good ft. Rick Ross, T.I., Audio Push
9. Let Me Live ft. B.o.B, T.I., Ink
10. Fuck Tha World ft. D Lylez
11. It’s Time
12. Work
13. Thirsty ft. Wiz Khalifa, Roscoe Dash
14. Fuckl With Me ft. Ink
15. Mama ft. Watch The Duck, J Dawg
16. World Needs You ft. Liz Rodriquez
17. I Will Survive

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