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Tove Lo – Give Me More

Swedish singer and songwriter Tove Lo is currently working on her next studio album and a new track titled ‘Give Me More’ has surfaced on the web.

In between collaborating with Coldplay on their recently released album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ and dropping ‘Influence’, a Christmas gift for fans that she says is a taste of what should be expected from her upcoming sophomore album, Tove Lo has been hard at work in the studio for the follow up to her successful debut ‘Queen of the Clouds’ and now an unheard track ‘Give Me More’ surfaces on the web.

Whilst ‘Influence’ was more of a bubbling, atmospheric down-tempo groove akin to her previous works, ‘Give Me More’ is no holds barred, straight-up catchy pop and a more straightforward sound heard from the Swedish siren. It’s not known what project the track is intended for but the dated, 2008/09 RedOne-esque persistent dance-pop production hints at it just being a playful demo which she confirmed on Twitter.

Listen to the track below:

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