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T-Pain – Do Dat Shit

T-Pain Do Dat Shit

T-Pain Do Dat Shit

American singer and rapper T-Pain resurfaces to drop his first track of 2016, ‘Do Dat Shit’.

December 11th, the date T-Pain announced last year that his oft-delayed album ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix’ would be released, has since been and passed but to keep the anticipation drumming the ‘I’m Sprung’ hitmaker drops a brand new track ‘Do Dat Shit’.

Since proving his vocals talents on the notable ‘NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert’ performance, T-Pain is able to freely flow between utilising Auto-Tune without losing credibility and the singer returns to his robotic roots on ‘Do Dat Shit’. On the De-Capo produced, sex-drenched banger T-Pain serenades a female lover over the airy production.

T-Pain is getting ready to drop Stoicville: The Phoenix, his first full-length album since 2011. Listen to ‘Do Dat Shit’ below:

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