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Stafford Brothers – When You Feel This (ft. Jay Sean & Rick Ross)


Australian electronic duo, The Stafford Brothers, return with “When You Feel This”, their brand new single featuring Jay Sean and Rick Ross.

The Gold Coast pair stick to their tried-and-tested template (“Hello”, “This Love”) of enlisting big named R&B singers to groove over their huge club productions with an accompanied verse from an American rapper. “When You Feel This” is no different with British sensation Jay Sean crooning angelically on the euphoric dance track with a drum and bass edge. Rick Ross is chosen for the guest rap on a beat he’s not accustomed to but actually adapts well and shines nonetheless.

Australian comedian Chris Lilley stars in the accompanying comical music video directed by himself and Anthony Rose. The comedian adopts a variety of persona’s, much like his television shows, to perform the track including an over-excited DJ and a rapping turtle taking place of Rozay. Lilley told Funny or Die: “We’ve all listened to a song and drifted off into thinking we are the stars of the music video. So I wanted to take the mundane life of a 30-something dental nurse and see her live out her music video fantasy”.

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