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Rico Bernasconi & Lotus – Make a Miracle (ft. Nicki Minaj)


Nicki Minaj lends a coveted feature to German DJ Rico Bernasconi’s new single ‘Make a Miracle’ featuring additional production from Stephen Singer aka Lotus alongside Shiloh & Gravy.

The Queen of rap seemingly reverts back to her spitfire, quirky delivery on ‘Make a Miracle’, harking back to earlier works, however if the verses sound familiar then you’d be correct. Verse 1 is from Gucci Mane’s ‘Sex In Crazy Places’ and verse 2 is Ron Browz’ ’20 Dollars’ remix back from 2009/10 but both are sped up to fit the club banger and, albeit dated, the verses seamlessly fit the dance production.

The track is included on the German compilation ‘KONTOR Top of the Clubs Vol. 69’ and the music video was recently premiered which you can view below:

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