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Niykee Heaton – Best Thing Ever (Single Premiere)


SoundCloud queen Niykee Heaton drops another track “Best Thing Ever” to add to her growing collection of underrated gems.

Niykee Heaton’s SoundCloud is a fruitful selection of underrated and slept upon pop gems and theres enough of them to form a solid album in itself with standouts like “Infinity” and “21 Grams”.

The 20-year-old now comes through with another strong jam “Best Thing Ever” debuted on the second night of her Bedroom Tour in Houston, Texas. The track adopts the hot right now hip-pop style with the bouncy production channeling a DJ-Mustard beat and Niykee shines with her alluring vocals taking centre stage on the most commercially leaning song she’s released yet.

Niykee Heaton has all the right ingredients to be a successful pop star and with more promotion she could easily find herself on the charts amongst similar artists Tinashe and Pia Mia. Listen to “Best Thing Ever” below:

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