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New: The Weeknd – Prisoner (ft. Lana Del Rey)

Sparks fly on this long-awaited collaboration.

The Weeknd’s anticipated new album “Beauty Behind The Madness” has leaked one week ahead of its August 28th release schedule. I’ll be waiting until the official release to give the full album a listen however this is one collab I could not hold out for.

Lana Del Rey rarely lends her ethereal vocals to other artists for a feature however this duet was inevitable. “Prisoner” shows Del Rey and The Weeknd are a match made in heaven, they are both known for their brooding and atmospheric style laced around topics of addiction to dangerous things and this new track intwines their approach into one.

“Prisoner” is a dark, downtrodden path through the double-edged addiction that is the high-life which is “so empty and so cold”. The hazy production is deep-rooted in The Weeknd’s earlier works kind of arrangements with discordant synths and scattering drums which expectedly Lana Del Rey croons over effortlessly (she needs to delve into more production like this!) and obviously provides a line about sad hollywood, “I think I’ve been in Hollywood for too long, ’cause I can feel my soul burning” plus adds her print to the track with a spoken outro.

The Weeknd’s new album, Beauty Behind the Madness, is out August 28. Listen to the sombre union below:

PLUS: Today, The Weeknd shared an 18-minute sampler of the album, featuring snippets of every song. Listen to it below:

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