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New: Lana Del Rey – Terrence Loves You

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“Honeymoon” is on its way and Lana drops a new pre-order foretaste of what’s to come.

Her self-declared favorite song off the album draws it back again from the synth-laden, catchy first single into a territory more fitting with the title track, a dreamy and delicate ballad.

“Terrence Loves You” has the singer sounding sorrowful over a departed lover “But I lost myself when I lost you, but I still got jazz when I’ve got those blues.” She expressed the track is jazzy but, apart from the sparse sections of saxophone, the track is not the uplifting affair you’d expect from that genre. A dusky ballad is what it feels like, with sweeping strings and weeping vocals inducing nostalgia.

Lana Del Rey’s upcoming fourth LP is due out September 18th. “It’s growing into something I really like. I’m kind of enjoying sinking into this more noirish feel for this one. It’s been good,” she said of the album to Billboard. Listen to the new album track below:

PLUS: Catch the standard + deluxe album covers below + track list for “Honeymoon”.

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01 Honeymoon
02 Music to Watch Boys to
03 Terrence Loves You
04 God Knows I Tried
05 High by the Beach
06 Freak
07 Art Deco
08 Burnt Norton (Interlude)
09 Religion
10 Salvatore
11 The Blackest Day
12 24
13 Swan Song
14 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

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