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New: JoJo – Microphone

Listen to a new track from JoJo’s recording sessions for her anticipated forthcoming album.

“Microphone” is a fuzzy, electro-tinged urban jam where JoJo expresses her tiredness with a relationship and prefers to stay hustling, “I’d rather work a microphone, than work on us”. It’s a strong track considering it is most likely a rough version and her always divine harmonies sparkle on the chorus.

JoJo claims that her new album is influenced by the work of RuPaul and Disclosure, aiming for a 90’s House vibe and after recently dropping her impressive “Tringle” she plans to release visuals for the three tracks “Save My Soul”, “Say Love” and “When Love Hurts”.

Below are a few shots from the video shoot of “When Love Hurts” and you can listen to the leaked “Microphone”:


Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap! #whenlovehurts

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