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New: Dumblonde – White Lightning (Video)

And then there were two..

Following the disbanding, reunion and disbanding again of Danity Kane, the remaining members Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex have joined forces under the new name of “dumblonde”. Their upcoming self-titled album is an “alternative dance record” that will include 11 new tracks. Announced collaborators are R8DIO, Dem Jointz and Candice Pillay and they have recently released the first single “white lightning” accompanied by a trippy visual.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, probably apprehensive due to thinking they would not be able to compare to the, always, on-point urban pop jams that Danity Kane produced, however I’m pleasantly surprised and “white lightning” is a fresh departure from their previous efforts putting “dumblonde” in a completely separate lane of their own.

“lightning” is an electro-pop anthem with shimmering synths, stuttering vocals on the chorus, angelic harmonies and an ethereal vibe forming one heck of a pop gem not unlike “Meteors” by former DK member Dawn Richards. The accompanied black and white visual compliments the track well with the two ladies looking glamorous and brooding, watch below:

Their debut is due for release 25th September, and is now available for pre-order on iTunes along with five tracks including “white lightning.” Aubrey and Shannon co-wrote and co-produced the album, which was inspired by dance and alternative acts including The Ting Tings and La Roux and you can hear those electronic influences in the new tracks below:

02. Eyes On Horizon

04. Tender Green Life

05. Remember Me

09. Dreamsicle

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