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New: Becky G – Break A Sweat

The young pop-singer drops her immensely catchy new single.

Turning 18 this year, Becky G’s lyrical content has notably upped the ante on maturity in this new track which is sure to make you break a sweat just from listening to lines such as “Can you take me places I’ve never been.. Give me loving ’til I just can’t take it, take it any more.”

“Break A Sweat” is an insanely infectious slice of uptempo dance-pop which demands a visual with some killer moves. Produced by Dr-Luke, the beat is clappy and percussive with bombastic drums and pan flute-style synths contributing to the contagious, chanty chorus and Becky-G shows her vocal progression.

Listen to Becky G’s “Break A Sweat” below which has been plucked from her upcoming album due out later this year:

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