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Miley Cyrus – Hands of Love


Miley Cyrus recently unveiled “Hands Of Love”, a track from the new film Freeheld, starring Jullianne Moore and Ellen Page.

Cyrus is known for her support for gay rights and with “Hands Of Love” Miley taps into the struggles of the LGBT community and the accompanying film’s weighty subject matter and conveys that persevering through a never-ending battle isn’t easy but in the end, you’ll come out “stronger than [you] started” when you fight for what’s right.

“Hands Of Love” is a poignant and powerful piano-driven ballad with a punching chorus, the pop star impresses with her vocals and its easy to forget the talent she has when masked in all her crazy antics as of late. The tune was written by Linda Perry and I’m sure it will win back fans that Miley Cyrus may have alienated with her experimental Miley & Her Dead Petz project (although I liked some of the tracks on there).

In an interview with Time, Cyrus explained how the song perfectly blended her passion of singing and LGBTQ advocacy, saying, “People like to learn through entertainment. It’s an interactive way to get people to hear your message by putting it in a song they like to listen to, or a film they want to see.” Listen to the track below:

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