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Leona Lewis – Thunder (Video)

The British pop-sensation is a perfect storm in her new video.

Leona premieres the radiant video for her lead US single “Thunder”. The Sarah McColgan-directed clip, shot in Los Angeles, features the singer belting out the self-empowering jam on the balcony of her mansion against the hazy sunset backdrop before Lewis takes the leap of faith referencing to her new found freedom.

Watch the Leona Lewis bring the Thunder below:

Her upcoming album “I Am” is scheduled to be released on 11th September 2015 via Def Jam. Whilst we wait, you can listen to the album sampler below:


Thunder | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad
Fire (Under My Feet) | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad
You Knew Me When | Diane Warren
I Am | Leona Lewis, Toby Gad & Francis White
Ladders | Leona Lewis, Kevin Anyaeji, Wayne Wilkins & Anne Previn
The Essence of Me | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad
I Got You | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad
Power | Leona Lewis, Toby Gad & Jim Eliot
Another Love Song | Leona Lewis, Toby Gad, Ben Kohn, Tom Barnes & Pete Kelleher
Thank You | Leona Lewis, Toby Gad & Anne Preven

Deluxe Edition

Thick Skin | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad
The Best and the Worst | Leona Lewis, Toby Gad & Shahid Khan
I Am (Acoustic) | Leona Lewis, Toby Gad & Francis White
Thunder (Acoustic) | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad
Fire Under My Feet (United Studios Session) | Leona Lewis & Toby Gad

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