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Lana Del Rey – Music To Watch Boys To


Lana Del Rey premieres “Music To Watch Boys To” in full in preparation for her upcoming album “Honeymoon”.

Although Lana Del Rey previously shared that her third studio was marking a return to a sound akin to “Born To Die” and “Paradise”, aside from the first single “High By The Beach”, the catchy, hip-hop lite style she adopted in her debut has been noticeably absent in the tracks she has so far shared from “Honeymoon” and “Music To Watch Boys To” is no different. Not to say that is a bad thing.

A collaboration with “Summertime Sadness” co-writer Rick Boyles, the song premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show and was originally her choice for Honeymoon’s first single before her label opted for the more radio-ready “High By the Beach”. “Music To Watch Boys To” is another melancholic, sweeping affair with a bit more of a kick to it than the other album cut “Terrence Loves You” featuring moving orchestral strings and flutes, a heavenly reverb drenched chorus and a psychedelic synth-tinged breakdown.

Lana Del Rey spoke to the Los Angeles Times earlier in the year about the track expressing her thoughts: “I can see it and I can hear it. I’m working on a new record now, and I have this one song, ‘Music to Watch Boys To.’ The title lends itself to a visual of shadows of men passing by, this girl’s eyes, her face. I can definitely see things.”

It will be interesting to see what Lana has lined up for her next single choices as its possible she has decided to release the sweeping ballads as buzz tracks and saved the true “Born To Die”-style songs to be released to radio.

Del Rey’s fourth LP Honeymoon is just around the corner and will be released 18th September. “Music to Watch Boys To” will be released on iTunes on September 11th, listen below.

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