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Kygo – Carry Me (New Music)

kygo - Carry Me


Norwegian DJ, record producer and musician Kygo is not yet ready to release his anticipated debut LP ‘Cloud Nine’ but album track ‘Carry Me’ surfaces on the web in full.

After an exceptionally successful 2015 skyrocketing into stardom, Tropical House phenomenon Kygo is currently putting the finishing touches to perfect his long-awaited debut album but, to keep your hunger at bay, album track ‘Carry Me’, which Kygo recently teased in his LP preview, surfaces online in full.

‘Carry Me’ is your quintessential Kygo track through and through, if there was ever a checklist for his blueprint this would tick every box. An unannounced female artist leads the reins on the vocals, “So I need to know could you carry me / Back into your heart again?” the unnamed lady asks and whoever it is does an exemplary effort of pairing against Kygo’s towering production which starts off broodingly on the back of an oscillating synth pattern before launching into arena-filling magnitude. Listen below:

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Kygo previously shared an update on the release of his anticipated debut album ‘Cloud Nine’ via SoundCloud “Hey guys, Im sorry to say the album is going to be a little delayed. Ive been working on this album for a year and a half, so I dont want to rush anything now in the end and I want it to be perfect when I release it! Its 99% done so its very close now! Wanted to give you guys a little preview of some of the tracks Ive been working on. Hope you like it!!”

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