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Kanye West – FML (ft. The Weeknd)


With ‘The Life of Pablo’ now available to stream and download through Tidal, Kanye West pairs up with The Weeknd for one of album highlights ‘FML’.

One of his most honest tracks on ‘The Life Of Pablo’, the introspective ‘FML’ has Kanye West revealing the layers to his soul and his struggle to end the party lifestyle after settling down with his wife, “I been waiting for a minute / For my lady / So I can’t jeopardize that for one of these hoes”. West additionally expresses his duty to stay loyal to the ones he loves, “I will die for those I love / God, I’m willing / To make this my mission”.

Kanye West wisely enlists The Weeknd to echo his reflective sentiments on the chorus injecting a dose of browbeaten defiance stating only they can comment on the mistakes they’ve made, “They wish I would go ahead and fuck my life up /Can’t let them get to me /And even though I always fuck my life up / Only I can mention me.” The droning production helmed by West, Mitus, Noah Goldstein & Metro Boomin, remains appropriately reserved throughout to let the lyrics do the speaking however the sombre keys still manage to strike a brooding chord.

Yeezy’s seventh studio album ‘The Life of Pablo’ has finally been released exclusively through the streaming service Tidal and Kanye West announced that the album will be available outside of Tidal soon. Listen to ‘FML’ below:

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  • me

    Sample of Augusts FML.

  • Russell Castleman

    Ye should have let Abel finish the song. Killed it with that garbage auto tune.. remind me of 808s and heart breaks.