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Hit-Boy – Feels (ft. Ricky Anthony)

Hit-Boy - Feels

Super producer and rapper Hit-Boy shares a smooth joint ‘Feels’, featuring Ricky Anthony, which is the introduction to his forthcoming EP ‘Zoomin’ 2’.

Grammy Award winner Hit-Boy has produced multi platinum-selling singles for the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne but has recently focused on perfecting his solo craft and now premieres a brand new track ‘Feels’ featuring singer Ricky Anthony. “I can’t feel emotions / Deep as the ocean / Waves hit the sand / Bonds get broken”, Hit-Boy raps on the introspective record over the smooth production with warbling synths and prominent claps.

“The song ‘Feels’ is the introduction to ‘Zoomin’ 2’, I started the Zoomin’ collection to be able to put music out that’s expressive and has feeling to it that you can also ride to and feel motivated by mostly about progress in life,” Hit-Boy told Forbes. “Dealing with real situations and moving past them. I started this song by playing all the keyboard parts first and from there the feeling/movement wrote itself.”

In addition, Hit-Boy spoke of the release time frame for his forthcoming EP ‘Zoomin’ 2’, “it will be released as soon as it is completed, could be tomorrow could be this summer.” Listen to ‘Feels’ below:

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