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Fleur East – Sax (Single Premiere)

2014 UK X Factor runner up Fleur East is ready to impact the music scene with her highly awaited debut single “Sax”.

Although coming 2nd, Fleur East was the true winner of the 2014 X Factor series after her fierce rendition of “Uptown Funk” which secured her stardom and was unsurprisingly signed to Cowell’s record label Syco Music straight off the bat. Since the competition Fleur has had a busy year with the X Factor tour and recording her debut album with musicians including Darkchild, Babyface, TMS, Fraser T Smith and Wayne Hector but is now ready to take over the world with her debut single.

Wow indeed! “Sax” is one a hell of an explosive opener to the music scene for Fleur East. The “Uptown Funk” influence is clear but “Sax” is in a whole lane of its own chocked full of sass with a brassed up triumphant chorus, an array of infectious saxophones and an energetic delivery from Fleur all commanding the listener to get up and dance, expect to hear this one relentlessly on the radio for the foreseeable future. The track was written with the collaboration of Fleur, Edvard Førre Erfjord, Henrik Michelsen, James Abrahart and Camille Purcell.

“Love, Sax and Flashbacks” is the upcoming debut studio album by British singer-songwriter and X Factor UK runner-up Fleur East. It’s scheduled to be released on digital retailers on December 4th via Syco Music. Listen to the irresistible “Sax” below:


“Love, Sax and Flashbacks” Tracklist

1. “Sax”
2. “Breakfast”
3. “More and More”
4. “Gold Watch”
5. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”
6. “Paris”
7. “Kitchen”
8. “Over Getting Over”
9. “Baby Don’t Dance”
10. “Tears Will Dry”
11. “Never Say When”
12. “Uptown Funk”

Deluxe edition
12. “Like That”
13. “Serious”
14. “Know Your Name”
15. “Uptown Funk”
16. “Girl on Fire”

PLUS: Catch Fleur East return to the X Factor stage with the dynamic performance of “Sax” below and relive the moment she smashed the cover of “Uptown Funk” below:

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