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Fleur East – More and More

Fleur East continues the journey to the release of her debut album ‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ with a brand new countdown promo single ‘More and More’.

‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’ is the gift that keeps on giving and a serious contender for one of the strongest albums to be released in 2015. After the boisterous sass of her lead single ‘Sax’ and the sleek album cut ‘Breakfast’, X Factor 2014- should have been – champ Fleur East drops the countdown track ‘More and More’.

‘More and More’ is another blast of pure pop perfection. Continuing with the retro R&B, disco vibe style she’s adopted, the track has a real Jackson 5 feel to with it’s slap bass and sparkling instrumentation creating a joyous experience with Fleur gushing on the chorus about her lover comparing the relationship to a “never-ending party”. The rising star doesn’t have the most powerhouse of vocals but she’s got the swag and personality to propel a song like this to its full potential.

Be on the lookout for Fleur East’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Love, Sax and Flashbacks’, due for release on 4th December. Listen to ‘More and More’ below:

PLUS: Watch the Colin Tilley- directed, dance-heavy video premiere for Fleur’s lead single ‘Sax’ below:

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