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dumblonde – Tender Green Life [Video]


The blonde bombshells continue their video streak with another new visual.

The former Danity Kane members have been very consistent with their promo for the reformed ‘dumblonde’ project and have churned out another video for the fan favourite “Tender Green Life” (produced by R8dio and written by Candice Pillay) which is a subdued slice of smooth-pop heaven with the ladies’ vocals digitally altered to create an angelic, high-pitched cooing over the breezy production.

Directed by themselves, the accompanied visual continues with the same style-heavy approach as “white lightning” and “dreamsicle” with Shannon and Aubrey in a photo shoot setting performing the track. The two remain static the whole video, in their matching jumpsuits, but the image of them both is stretched, skewed and distorted creating a trippy effect. They expressed to SPIN that they wanted to get fans questioning, “what the hell did I just see? What does it mean? And hopefully I need to see it again.” I think they succeeded with that.

Their debut, self-titled album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. It will be fully released on September 25th. Watch the video below:

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