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dumblonde – Carry On (Video)

dumblonde Carry On Video

dumblonde continue to promote their new project with another visual treatment for the album closer “Carry On”.

The former Danity Kane members, Aubrey O’Day & Shannon Bex, have just recently released their self titled LP “dumblonde” and continue to churn out the videos with another for the album cut “Carry On“. The clip, directed by Justin Jones alongside Aubrey herself, is another ultra-stylish viewing but on a more grander scale than their previous efforts, the imagery is stunningly spooky and the girls get in the halloween spirit.

The song itself is the rawest, least electronic track on the album with hard-hitting drums, ethereal vocals and a dreamy outro. The girls expressed their thoughts on the track in an interview with “It is our battle cry!.. There is so much that goes into fighting for your dream. Your dreams are your passion and…your soul can’t thrive without passion. It’s about acknowledging the past and the battles, but not letting them defeat you. Victory will come….but you have to fight for it.”.

Watch the video below to the Troy “R8DIO” Johnson & Dem Jointz produced “Carry On” along with the stream to dumblonde’s self titled debut album via Spotify:

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