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Diana Gordon – The Legend Of [Single Premiere]

Diana Gordon The Legend Of


Diana Gordon, formerly known under the moniker Wynter Gordon, reintroduces herself under her birth name and drops a brand new single ‘The Legend Of’.

Diana Gordon has been writing songs for other artists for over ten years, notably racking up three credits on Beyoncé’s most recent LP ‘Lemonade’, but now the 30-year old has shed her stage name and dropped a new single in hopes to reinvent herself as a solo artist after attempts at launching her career in the spotlight previously underwhelmed commercially.

In an interview with The FADER, Gordon explained the meaning behind her new single ‘The Legend Of’, “I’ve never been comfortable stating my value or saying ‘I am exceptional.’ Humility and fear have always been my biggest vice,” she stated, “‘The Legend Of’ is a tiny cliff note of stories from my life. It blends music I enjoy, the unique tones that make up my voice and is a celebration of my achievements and lessons I’ve learned disguised as failures.”

“I was born poor, but I put the struggle back in fashion / I thank God for my story and my passion – Amen!” Gordon sings on the autobiographical ‘The Legend Of’ showcasing her divine vocal delivery and even some ethereally operatic runs. The stuttering and brooding production channels the alternative vibe of her criminally underrated ‘Human Condition’ EPs and sets the stage for Diana to rebirth as a solo star. Listen below:

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