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Ciara – Paint It, Black

Ciara takes on one of Rolling Stones’ classics “Paint It, Black“ for the upcoming film “The Last Witch Hunter” starring Vin Diesel.

The 1966 Rolling Stone chart topper “Paint It, Black“ gets a chilling cover courtesy of American R&B recording artist Ciara. The Psychedelic rock original gets a dark, glossy pop overhaul complete with sinister strings, bombastic percussion, chugging guitar riffs and haunting background vocals.

A complete departure from CiCi’s comfort zone, the singer surprisingly adapts to the epic production with ease and sings with a bewitching delivery reminiscent to Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon A Dream” but on a more melodramatic scale. The track may polarise listeners by tackling a huge Stones classic but, its not just a carbon copy cover, Ciara and producer Adrianne Gonzales make it their own.

Ciara express her thoughts on the track to Rolling Stone “The direction that she [Adrianne Gonzales] went in was actually a sound I’ve always wanted to play with, and it just didn’t get any better than being able to cover a Rolling Stones song. I feel like it pushes the edge and the limit for me. So this was so many cool things in one. It was a huge honor, and then creatively I just got to really have some fun that I don’t usually do in my music.

The track is confirmed as one of the themes included on Vin Diesel’s next big screen adventure The Last Witch Hunter, and it’s featured on its new trailer called “Awakening“. Listen to the striking rendition below:

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