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Chris Brown – Zero (New Track)


Chris Brown announces “Zero” as his second album off his upcoming seventh album “Royalty”.

Although the music video for the first single “Liquor” has yet to premiere, I don’t think that’s going to boost the lacklustre dent it made on the charts so it’s wise that Chris Brown has come through with the follow up single (Liquor has possibly even been shoved to buzz single status).

The multifaceted Chris comes through with an uptempo banger in the form of “Zero”. He can do it all to be honest and the majority of the time what he cooks up is fire (both featuring and his own stuff) and “Zero” is no different, a much more first single worthy track to provide some exposure for his new album.

The bright and sparkling dance-pop track has all the funk-edged trills and vocoded vocals you’d expect from a top 40 track but Chris puts his own stamp on it with his on-point crooning and you know the video is going to have some killer choreography, and FYI zero is how many fucks he gives!

Look for the song on his upcoming seventh album “Royalty” named after his daughter, due later this year. Listen below:

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