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Chris Brown – Liquor/Zero (Video)

Chris Brown Zero Liquor Video

Chris Brown premieres the 9-minute short movie for the first two singles “Liquor” and “Zero” off his seventh studio album “Royalty”.

It was a very wise idea to combine the two visuals for his most recent singles as the mid-tempo “Liquor” was starting to lose its buzz and it makes sense to capitalise on the newly released uptempo banger “Zero” due to its commercial flair. His personal life antics aside, Chris is one artist who knows the right music to release and always puts on a show in his accompanying visuals.

The video extravaganza begins with “Liquor” where Chris is spiked at a bar by a seductive female and things take an expectedly trippy turn when she takes him on a creepy journey through a carnival-type crazy house complete with creepy contact lenses to compliment the woozy track.

After returning home from his crazy night out, the R&B crooner finds his belongings being chucked on the street by his lover, he shrugs it off and heads off again for some more antics backed by the banger “Zero”, this time accompanied by his posse to perform some tight choreography on the streets, a laundrette and a convenience store.

Watch the 9-minute music video below:

Chris Brown

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