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Ariana Grande – Everyday (ft. Future) & Greedy

Ariana Grande Greedy Everyday

With a new song off ‘Dangerous Woman’ dropping everyday until its release, Ariana Grande showcases album cuts ‘Greedy’ and the Future-assisted ‘Everyday’.

Ariana Grande - Everyday Future

Everyday (ft. Future)

“He giving me that good shit / That make me not quit, that good shit!” Ariana Grande coos on the scorching ‘Everyday’ over grungy guitar riffs and scratchy synths continuing her streak of R-rated songs. Last month, Ariana told KIIS FM, “I knew I wanted to work with Future, but I didn’t know if we could find the right song to do together because we’re so different, but we really found a dope vibe and it’s very unique and exciting.” Listen below:

*Audio removed due to DMCA request – watch the performance of ‘Everyday’ below*

[usr 8.5]

Ariana Grande Greedy


Grande turns it up a notch on track #7 ‘Greedy’ tapping into a funked-up territory. “I ain’t talking money, I’m just physically obsessed / And I’m greedy / Cause I’m so greedy” the pop starlet gushes over a dazzling retro production, a stark contrast to the former track but hot nonetheless showcasing her versatility. Listen below:

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